Johnson & Johnson


One Touch Reveal

It wasn't until i began working at Johnson & Johnson that I realized how important the work we did for diabetes was viewed. Designing a user experience for somone who's life depends on it puts an emphasis on getting the UX right. The users depended on the solutions we came up with. This was a challenging but fun experience to work through.  The goal was to reskin the One Touch Reveal mobile app but also enhance the experience.

Art Direction
User Experience
User Interface


When I first sat down to work on this project, I wanted to stick with what was working and improve what wasn't working.  Initially I thought the main screen could use some improvement. Here is where the patient is able to monitor their glucose levels. This also enables the patient to quickly navigate and input items into the food log, input water intake and exercise. While diabetes can be a tough disease to manage we the app to make management easy and seamless..

Track glucose levels

Monitoring your glucose levels is a very important when it comes to diabetes. Being able to have your readings at your fingertips allows you to carefully monitor how well your doing.  The chart also displays your most recent events. After careful planning we thought it would also be beneficial if the app allowed users easy access to their logbook, patterns, graphs and reminders. Allowing the user to access the most important features of the app would make the app more useful.

90 days of data

Keep track of 90 days worth of data.  This allows the user to keep a close eye

Customize your profile

Have the ability to keep track of before and after meal ranges.  Also the app stores the important information for the people that matter most such as your primary physician and emergency contact.