Onetouch Reveal App

Problem Statement and Objectives

LifeScan, Inc. (formerly a Johnson & Johnson company) is a world leader in blood glucose monitoring – globally more than 20 million people depend on the company’s OneTouch® brand products to help them manage their diabetes. The OneTouch Reveal® Mobile App was designed to help people with diabetes lead healthier, more active lives. Some of the new features we wanted to include were:

•  Meter settings - We wanted to allow users to set their meter settings during onboarding
•  Using multiple meters - We wanted users to be able to switch between meters
•  Sharing data - This shares your progress with designated family, friends, or someone from your trusted care network

User Experience
User Interface
Art Direction

User Flows and Personas

User Flows, personas, journey maps, and health care practitioner questionnaires were among some of the multiple research methods used in developing this app.

Registration UserFlow2Registration UserFlow2
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The Approach

We were tasked with creating a seamless way for the user to select their meter settings.  This would allow the user to set things they wanted to keep track of and be notified about such as mentor tips, goal tracking, award tracking, patterns and setting their lifestyle tags. We also were working on a solution for changing the language for the meter as well. Allowing the user to adjust the settings/notifications when they first start using the app allowed more time later to focus on the daily challenges that come with diabetes management.  Users can also quickly navigate and input items such as food and water intake, meter readings and daily exercise.

Meter settings

We found that being able to set up your meter specifically for how you would like to use your meter is very important.  Users are now able to tailor their device to keep up with the things that are most important to them. Users can also access their logbook, patterns, graphs, and reminders as well.

Choose between multiple devices

Because diabetes patients sometimes use different devices to help them stay on track.  Now they have the ability to use multiple devices without losing critical data.  

Sharing your data

The app allows users to share important information for the people that matter most such as your family, friends, or trusted care network.

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